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The visual link between the computer and the user, monitors are an integral part of the perfect computer experience. We offer a thorough selection of monitors to suit every desire and budget, but with quality guaranteed

The often overlooked component in a premium system is the speaker array. We offer an affordable but excellent line of speaker systems.

Whether you are looking for high quality ink-jet or laser printers, we can help you select the printer you need and order it for you.  

We generally do not stock laptops in store, but can special order, based upon your needs. From gaming to sturdy business laptops, we can get it for you.
Video Cards

One secret ingredient for high performance computers is ultimate performance video processor cards. You can purchase the very models we use, fully tested for maximum performance and reliability. Minimum 1 year warranties on our video cards.

You can purchase the same high quality DDR3 & DDR4 memory we use in our own systems. Fully tested and with 1 year warranties, you simply cannot find better memory anywhere. Of course, that's why we use it! ECC/REG can be custom ordered
Sound Cards

The best sound reproduction comes from the very best sound cards. We feature, use and sell the very best available.
Hard Drives

We commonly stock Western Digital hard drives with 3 to 5 year warranties, as well as SSD and external USB drives. NAS and SAS drives available by special order, generally we can have anything in stock within 3 working days time.

When it comes to speed and quality in a hard drive, we deal with the companies with the proven track records for excellence.

DVD-RW and BlueRay Drives

If you're looking for quality, reliable media drives, you can't do better than selecting one of the drives we stock and order.

We're known for our selection of steel constructed standard cases, you won't find any disposable plastic cases in our selections. Our cases being of such high quality and compatibility, they often serve for 2 or 3 rebuilds of new systems inside the case during the life of the case. You'll find our standard cases very affordable.


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