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Server Systems

Why settle for some generic server you'll just end up stripping a bunch of unwanted software off of and buying the software you need to get it where you want it? Micro Magic Servers are designed for Small, Medium and Large Businesses, LAN Parties, and home networks, with just the software you require and need, no more, no less. Performance and reliability are critical in any server platform, and you can count on these elements to be at the heart of any of our systems.

Whether you need to share files, printers, MP3's, or a broadband connection, we'll make our servers fast, dependable, upgradeable, and perfectly tailored to your needs!

Commercial Systems

Computers not a luxury, but a necessary business tool? We design powerful, highly reliable, manageable, standardized, and thoroughly upgradeable systems for corporate, government, and education buyers that require lasting platform consistency.

Based on industry standard motherboards and processors, our commercial machines offer our careful attention to every detail, with a penchant for reliability and solid performance. Whether your needs are for one or 50 systems, you can count on our systems for a standardized platform to build your organization's computer foundation, and easy serviceability from industry standard non-proprietary components. And for service, our technician staff can solve most any issues you could encounter, and they will even make on-site repairs, if necessary.


Workstation Systems

What we're known for! Our desktop workstations are perfect for Professional or Semi-pro Digital Content Creation, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, CAD & MCAD or other design applications, scientific or financial analysis, and the rigors of serious work.

Our company has built an impressive reputation for exclusively designing and creating workstations for the specific needs of power users just like you! Today we specialize in systems that are more customizable than mass market systems, and also offer the latest state-of-the-art components you need for a competitive edge, but with solid reliability and support from people who understand your objectives.


Multimedia Systems

If you want cheap, go somewhere else, if you want good quality and consistently reliable performance without continuous servicing, come see us. You'll find no components in our systems selected upon price only, like mass-produced computers. We absolutely insist on components from manufacturers with provable quality track records ONLY! There's an old saying we have found to be consistently true, "But junk in, get junk out... put quality in, get quality out!"

Every one of our computers are hand built and tested. If the component quality, flexibility, upgradeability, craftsmanship, and actual, local customer service of your next computer system matter, then it's got to be Micro Magic!


Competition Gaming Systems

Absolute Performance! Serious PC game's have very specific needs when it comes to their computer rig. The best video, the fastest hard drives, the cleanest sound, the latest processor, and the performance tuning to put it all together. Our gaming systems are built just for you, with meticulous care and craftsmanship for competition level performance.

We know what you want, and how to deliver on your need for absolute performance. Our only advice... you'd better put a seat belt on that desk chair!

No matter what your computing requirements are
Micro Magic can meet or exceed them
with the best quality and support!


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